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Newsletter of the Portuguese Rural Network
October 2021
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Agroforestry actors are mobilized to combat Climate Change

In view of the major climate challenges that Portugal will face in the future, the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) challenged the National Competence Center for Climate Change in the Agroforestry Sector (CNCACSA), the National Institute of Agrarian and Veterinary Research (INIAV) and the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) for the presentation of a national project that cuts across different crops and regions, to mobilize and unite actors in the agroforestry sector to the fight against climate change. 45 entities were invited to participate in this mobilizing project that resulted in the signing of a Protocol. Read more


Imagem 810x456Smart Farm 4.0 – Smart solutions for a sustainable, predictive and autonomous agriculture

Smart Farm 4.0 is a Project coordinated by Smart Farm Colab (Torres Vedras – Lisbon) which aims to design and develop innovative and accessible solutions based on 4.0 industry (IoT – internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, robots) and apply them to the agricultural sector with focus in the western region of Portugal. Smart Farm 4.0 intends to stimulate the transition to a new model of smart, sustainable, predictive and autonomous agriculture. This project involves 16 partners and is co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) through the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program and the Lisbon Regional Operational Programme. Know more 


mais pinhao+PINHÃO – Integrated management of biotic agents associated with the loss of pine nuts production

This project aims to develop diagnostic and monitoring methods to determine the impact of different pests on pine cones and pine nuts production; determine the most susceptible periods of pinecone development and flowering / fruiting phenological cycle, according to pests biological cycles; develop monitoring processes, preventive forestry as well as products (attractive compounds, traps, insecticides) that allow the control of these biotic agents while minimizing its environmental impacts. Know more


Mais Arroz+ARROZ – Sustainability of the nacional rice agro-ecosystem

The project developed by the +ARROZ Operational Group inteds to promote the application of pest and weed new control techniques in the rice crop by developing and evaluating strategies (adjusted to different territories and Echinochloa spp. species) for managing acquired resistance to herbicides, contributing to the sustainability of the rice agroecosystem. Read more 


AlimentAO LocalAlimentAÇÃO! – A public policy guide on short food supply chains

The AlimentAÇÃO! – Short food supply chains for the Human Right to adequate food Project recently released its guide book to build public policies on short food supply chains, funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). This guide book inteds to contribute to the strengthening of the global capacity of all actors interested in developing policies and programs within the scope of short agri-food supply chains and in the materialization of the human right to adequate food like government agents, local development actors, citizens and other actors relevant to local food systems. Read more 


Formação InLocoACCIONAD-ODS Project – Training on consumption and sustainable production

ACCIONAD-ODS – Actions to achieve Sustainable Development Goals with the participation of local actor: a local approach is cross-border cooperation project between Portugal (Alentejo and Algarve) and Spain (Extremadura and Andalusia) that aims to bring a transregional perspective to the Sustainable Development Goals through coordinated action implemented with partnerships between local authorities and civil society organizations. This project’s program includes training, between October and November, on consumption and sustainable production directed do small and medium-sized business and civil society actors. Read more 


Herdade ParreiraRural Network carried out a Technical Itinerary on Conservation Agriculture

Herdade da Parreira, an agropastoral farm located in Montemor-o-Novo (Alentejo, Évora district), hosted last July the first Technical Itinerary of the Portuguese Rural Network. This initiative had the participation of 40 people (technicians, farmers and representatives from public agencies) and intended to exemplify how a farm can achieve the goals of economic and environmental sustainability. The network of Technical Itineraries in agricultural and agroforestry explorations aims to promote the Exchange of knowledge, cross-learning between actors and the efficient adoption of innovation in the agricultural sector by technical demonstrations among peers in the field of agroecology. Read more


rotas zeroRotas Zer0 – Agriculture and circular economy

Rotas Zer0 Project seeks to sensitize consumers to the importance of agroecological practices and aims to inform about the importance of circularity and biodiversity in agricultural systems, namely in the contexto of waste management practices such as composting. The project will carry out 20 routes, from Ponte de Lima (Minho) to Castro Marim (Algarve) where, on each one of them, a small group of local consumers will visit 2 to 3 farms. Participants will have the opportunity to meet producers, their practices and productions and record on vídeo the moments experienced on the route, which will lead to a final documentary. Read more


Solo HParreiraEACS 2021 – National Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Soil Sciences

This event will take place in October 28 and 29, organized by the Portuguese Society for Soil Sciences, and intends to be a privileged forum for the presentation and discussion about integrated forms of soil and water management in agricultural, forestry and agroforesty systems that contribute to prevent soil degration and reduce the impacts of climate change. The event will be held online and the link will be available soon. Read more


webinar 07102021Webinar on Climate Change and new phytosanitary challenges

On October 7, the Confederation of Farmers of Portugal (CAP) and the Nacional Association of Industries for Plant Protection (ANIPLA) will organize a webinar focused on debating climate change influences on agriculture, particularly at the level of phytosanitary problems and their consequences on production. This event also intends to articulare tools for farmers already available and linking them with the goals set by EU Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy. Read more

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